No interoffice dating

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No interoffice dating

Her job duties were simple: she was to deliver mail and to be barefoot and nude while she was at it. She wasn't allowed to use it, rather it served as an electric leash that gave her assignments and dictated her movements.

She'd just finished her assignment so her armband displayed her number on a kelly green field, signifying her availability for assignments.

she wasn't offended, she was long past that, but she was desperate for word.

She was "getting salty" as the girls in the mail room joked and she couldn't wait for the chance to wash up. She'd passed several water coolers, but as of last week the mail room girls had been forbidden from using them.

Human resources had put out special bowls they were supposed to use, but the regular employees were the only ones who could fill them and they'd been conspicuously bad at remembering to do so.

Paula Lentz is an associate professor and academic program director in the Department of Business Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

She teaches Business Writing and Advanced Business Writing and develops and teaches online communication courses for the University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium program.

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Kirsten spotted a few inches of water in the dish by Communications and her heart leapt.